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The Newtron Group has a dedication to Quality that insures our customers receive a quality product or service in every aspect of our scope of work and the contract requirements. It is our intent to meet or exceed the customer’s quality expectations for operational reliability, safety, functionality and serviceability.

Our long term committed employees take great pride in our work and in the reputation of the Company, and it shows. We provide our team with the highest quality equipment and resources, and actively reward superior workmanship and productivity. This philosophy results in the best and most competitive services for our customers.

In addition to our standard QA/QC programs, we have developed a Nuclear QA/QC program that allows Triad the capability of providing a quality assurance program that complies with the 18 quality requirements set forth in ASME national standard NQA-1, 2008, “Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications.”

To learn more about Triad’s QA/QC program, please contact the appropriate office.