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All parties involved in a project have the same primary goal: effective and timely completion. The Newtron Group's employs several approaches to project management, geared toward providing optimum effectiveness and efficiency.

Our primary tool for project management is NGCS, our proprietary Project Controls Program, which is the tool that separates us from our competition. Developed in-house specifically for electrical and instrumentation installations, this program allows our team to detail all responsibilities of a project, listing every function by job item. The schedule is specifically customized for each project and can be prepared on the basis of process areas, conduit numbers, instrument numbers, or any other accounting format or unit the client desires.

In addition, each Project Manager is responsible for developing a site-specific Quality Control Plan based on the individual company’s QA manual and the client’s specific requirements.

Each Project Manager works with the Field Supervisor to develop and maintain the optimum flow of information between us and the client. On large or complex projects, the Project Manager may be physically assigned to the site. Otherwise, management functions are performed from the home office with frequent visits to the jobsite. On projects requiring more than one supervisor, or where field staff assistance is required, a Project Controls Coordinator may be assigned to assist the supervisor.