Safety is not just our “first priority”, it’s embedded deep within our culture and beliefs.

Priorities change, but our safety culture is a part of our core values and beliefs. The Newtron Group is a recognized industrial leader in safety, health, and environmental processes. We believe that employees are the key to creating an accident and injury free workplace. Safety, health, and environmental education starts with our senior management and extends to all craft employees. The intent of our safety, health, and environmental program is to make our safety demands a value and not just a priority. We are proud of our craft employees’ commitment to safety excellence and their role in our success.

Quality is our passion.

The Newtron Group’s dedication to Quality ensures that our customers receive the highest quality products and service in every aspect of our scope. We have built our Quality Management Systems to both ASME NQA-1 and ISO 9001 standards. Our goal is to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations for operational reliability, safety, functionality, and serviceability. We have long term committed employees who take great pride in our work and in the reputation of the Company, and it shows. We provide our team with the highest quality equipment and resources, and actively reward superior workmanship and productivity

Long-term, committed employees are what make us different.

With 45+ years of performing projects across the United States in both union and merit shop markets, we know the key to success is our long-term committed employees. Our company’s culture allows us to recruit and retain highly experienced individuals throughout our company. Our continued success is a result of quality, experience and reputation.